Does Tayshia Adams Get Engaged on ‘The Bachelorette’?

does tayshia adams get engaged bachelorette

We’re still in denial that Clare Crawley got engaged to Dale Moss on The Bachelorette after knowing him for a matter of days. Now that Tayshia Adams has officially replaced her as the lead of season 16, there’s only question on our mind: Will Adams’s journey end in a proposal, too?

Although we’ll have to wait until the episodes progress to see how it all plays out, Adams recently appeared on an episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, where she discussed the much-needed switcheroo. The 30-year-old star revealed that when she agreed to be the Bachelorette, she told producers that there’s a slim chance her season will end in an engagement.  

“I told them, ‘I don’t think I’m gonna get engaged at the end of this, I think I might just leave with a boyfriend or whatever,’ and they [understood] and said, ‘We’re not gonna pressure you to do anything,’” she said. “‘You do what your heart wants,’ so I didn’t ever really feel that pressure of, ‘Oh my God, I need to find a husband right now.’ So, I just kind of lived my journey how I wanted to.”

While her season of The Bachelorette will be shortened due to the circumstances, Adams confirmed that she had “enough” time with the contestants to make a confident decision.

“As crazy as it sounds, I think this introduction to being the Bachelorette was the best way possible for me. Sure, it would’ve been fun to have been announced the way everybody else has and all that kind of stuff, but I think the way that I entered, and I met all of these guys was perfect,” she explained. “I feel like if I had too much time, I might’ve done what Clare would’ve done, like, looked up all these guys on Instagram, kind of had an idea on who I wanted to talk to, you know what I mean? And I just went into it just honestly giving it my all and leaning into the process and honestly being me.”

Sounds to us like it could end in an engagement, after all. Oh, Neil Lane

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