Watch Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert Nail the Paso Doble in Steamy 'DWTS' Routine

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert totally dominated the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars this week, and we're giving them a 10 out of 10.

On Monday, the couple returned to the series to perform the Paso Doble to "Uccen" by Taalbi Brothers, and it just might be one of the best performances we've ever seen on the show.

Erbert stunned in a sparkly red number while the DWTS judge sported all black for the steamy routine. And not surprisingly, fans were beyond thrilled to see that Hough still had his moves. On Instagram, one fan commented, "I don’t think I’ll ever recover from that performance [fire emojis]." Another wrote, "That was the most amazing dance ever!!! I felt privileged to see it." SAME.

Hough announced in September that he would be returning to the dance floor for the first time since 2017. During ABC's virtual press panel, he said, "I'm very, very excited. I'm even more excited to be dancing with my lovely girlfriend, my love. We get to dance together in the ballroom. We're already planning it. We actually did a little session yesterday. We woke up this morning very sore, so we're like, 'Oh, okay, we have three weeks to make this happen.'" 

He added, "Being a part of the show has been such a dream and I'm so thankful for it, and to have the honor and the pleasure to perform once again in this sacred space, it really is a pleasure. I certainly won't want to disappoint. I'm going to bring my all to the dance floor, as much as I possibly can." 

Leading up to the big event, fans suspected that the six-time DWTS champion would also be proposing to his girlfriend of five years on the show, but the pair set the record straight during their YouTube Q&A in September. After one fan asked if a live proposal was in the works, Hough laughed and said, "No," while Erbert shook her head and added, "That's not us." And when Entertainment Tonight asked Hough if he had a date in mind to propose, he joked, "I don't know timelines, I just know shapes." Well played, Derek.

We'll be patiently awaiting the good news!

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