Get It, Girl: 3 Women Share Why They Shunned Tradition and Proposed to Their Spouse

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Weddings are packed with tradition: Some lovely, others pretty darn outdated. Take, for example, the expectation that men should be the ones to propose. Hullo: It’s not 1950—why should it matter who asks whom? We chatted with three women who had zero reservations about taking things into their own hands and popping the question to their grooms.

The One Who Proposed at the Jewelry Store
“My parents got married when my mom was 25 years old. I’ve always had so much love and respect for my mom and she had always told me not to marry before 25, ‘’s forever.’ So, as I was approaching 25, and felt strongly that Tom was ‘the one’ for me, I had no qualms about asking him to marry me. I marched him to a jewelry store, pointed at the ring I wanted and basically said, ‘Are we doing this?’ We were married exactly one week before my 26th birthday and will celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary this September.”
- Nancy B., Oregon

The One Who Proposed with Disney World Tickets
"First, I emailed a bunch of our mutual friends asking if they could meet me at a bar that evening because I was proposing. I figured we would want to celebrate with our buds after the proposal (and that I would need someone's shoulder to cry on if I was rejected). Then I printed out two tickets I purchased to Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom (his favorite place) and took him out to dinner. On our way home, I asked if we could walk through the park. He was hesitant because it was rainy...and cold...and he had a sore throat...but I was persistent. When we got to a spot in the park where there was some privacy, I got down on my damn knee, whipped out the Disney tickets and asked. He laughed and said, ‘yes, of course!’ We had a good time at the bar afterwards. (I highly recommend this bar thing right after because endorphins are running high.) If you know us, you would know that it would only make sense that I proposed. It's just very 'us' for me to do something bold and for him to be kind and think that it's a good idea. Also I love him and wanted to marry him.
- Annie H., New York

"My now-husband I had been living together in New York for several years and my lease was coming up. A big nuisance in New York! At that point, I had the thought 'Well, either we’re headed toward marriage or we’re not...and I don’t want to resign this lease!' So one night over dinner, I asked him if he intended to marry me and told him that if he did, we should do it now and move in together. He said yes. Hah! I know, very romantic!"
- Barbara H., Massachusetts

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