Courteney Cox ‘Freaks Out’ When Her Secret Closet Is Revealed During Home Tour

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If, by any chance, Chandler Bing (played by Matthew Perry) from Friends were to randomly stumble upon Courteney Cox’s secret junk closet in her home, we know he would just look at it and say, “Hehe, you’re messy.”

While Cox tries to give her followers a tour of her renovated dining room in a newly shared Instagram video, the cameraman spots a door in the hallway that is slightly ajar. “Oh wait, what’s in here?” the unnamed man behind the camera says and proceeds to open the door, revealing the closet is filled with nothing but junk. 

Playfully acting like she’s been exposed, Cox “freaks out” and tries to cover up her secret messy closet. “Oh my god, nothing!” she yells while trying to close the closet. “Seriously, don’t film it.” Before the clip ends, Cox threatens the cameraman to “erase the footage.” In the caption, the actress wrote, “Come on…we all have one #secretcloset #monica.”

Friends fans practically ran to the comments section to share their funny reactions to the clip, with one person writing, “THIS IS SO MONICA GELLER.” Another said, “Don’t forget to pick up the credit card Chandler dropped,” alongside a laughing emoji. 

In case you didn’t know, Cox is playfully referencing Friends Season 8 Episode 14 titled “The One with the Secret Closet.” You see, her character—Monica Geller—is known for being obsessed with cleanliness and organization. However, that illusion is shattered in the episode where her husband, Chandler, finds her secret junk closet in the apartment (after being told NOT to open it).

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This is certainly not the first time Cox has done an iconic callback to her Friends character. Back in November 2021, the Friends alum posted a video of herself showcasing a step-by-step tutorial on how to properly clean a blender—and the cleaning hack would certainly get Monica’s approval.

Guess Courteney and Monica are more alike than we thought. 

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