Courteney Cox Demonstrates How to Eat Pizza ‘Like a New Yorker’ and Joey Tribbiani Would Not Approve

For years, Courteney Cox, 58, played a New Yorker (and a talented chef) on the hit sitcom Friends, and now, she's turned to Instagram to show her followers how a “true New Yorker” eats their pizza.

“A lot of people that are not from New York come into the city and they can't wait to have New York-style pizza,” she says at the beginning of her video. “And they don't know how to eat it.”

Cox then (jokingly) gives a few demonstrations on how to not look like a tourist when you hit a pizza joint in the Big Apple.

In her caption, Cox wrote, “How ‘real’ New Yorkers eat pizza [pizza slice emoji].” And she starts out her clip by saying, “So, first, what you do is dab it. You get all the oil off. And then, authentic New Yorkers—they like to cut the tip off, and they just do a little bite at a time. And if you're from Sicily, roll it like a pizza pie.”

Cox then starts interacting with a pair of people sitting beside her as she rolls the pizza, saying, “You do it like this though, right?” To which the people start nodding, and one woman says, “Yeah.”

Courteney Cox.
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

However, Cox starts getting a little more creative with her pizza-eating. “Sometimes when people are craving double cheese, they scrape all the cheese into one area,” she says, as she moves all of her cheese toward the crust. After this, she tears away the bottom part of the pizza and goes, “Then you can give this to somebody.” (And she offers it to the same duo she was chatting with before.)

“Only people who come to a lot of pizza joints know that this is another way they sell it,” Cox says as she bites her pizza—which now looks like a piece of cheesy bread. “But, it's not on the menu it''s what they [call] ‘the special.’”

At the end of the video, the Friends actress says, “If you can get it in three bites, that's when you're a real New Yorker.” She then shoves the whole crust into her mouth.

Courteney Cox.
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Of course, many people quickly took to the comments, like comedian Arron Crascall, who wrote, “Joey would go nuts.” Another person wrote, “As a native NYer, I’ve never been more offended.” And one person joked, “All these pour tourists gonna look real weird if they do this.”

We can always count on you for a good laugh, Courteney.

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