Courteney Cox Tries to Recreate TikTok Dancer’s Moves (with Unexpected Results)

Courteney Cox may be best known for her role as Monica Geller on Friends, but the 58-year-old actress actually got her start a decade before that, when she appeared as a dancing audience member who gets pulled onstage in Bruce Springsteen's music video for “Dancing in the Dark.” And now, it looks like Cox is trying to pull out her moves once again (with comically unexpected results).

In a recent Instagram post, Cox watches a video uploaded by the young dancer Fleur Zwartkruis and she says, “Oh I love this girl. She's so good. I can't believe I can't do that anymore.”

However, as she keeps watching, Cox spots a few simpler moves and has a change of heart. She says, “I could do that, I mean—yeah! No, I could do that.”

Then, Cox sets the phone down and attempts to repeat Zwartkruis’s choreography but...well, check it out below.

At the end of the clip, when Cox tries to copy the dance, she seemingly hurts herself, and so to add humor to the situation, Cox added in a cracking noise, and ended the video by showing a snippet of an ambulance racing down the road.

The Scream star's comical edit was well-received by fellow celebs, like Jack Black, who commented a laughing emoji and said, “Haha.” Other actors also left laughing emojis in the comments, like Octavia Spencer and Melanie Griffith. Meanwhile, makeup artist Mrunal Panchal wrote, “Oh no.”

The dance which inspired Cox can be seen below.

We probably couldn't pull those moves off either, Courteney.

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