Christina Aguilera Gives Us a Rare Glimpse of Her Glamorous Pool

So far, we've seen celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Gabrielle Union bless our timelines with their gorgeous pools, but today, we present our newest obsession: Christina Aguilera's luxurious backyard.

The singer, 39, uploaded a series of glamorous shots to her Instagram account, featuring selfies from the backyard of her massive Beverly Hills mansion. Countless fans praised Aguilera for her fabulous Marilyn-Monroe-meets-Jessica-Rabbit look (talk about flawless), but it's hard to miss the dreamy pool and impeccable landscaping in the background. Beyond the pool deck and fresh grass, we see what appears to be a back view of her home, which features a second-floor balcony, arched glass doors, and striped black-and-white curtains.

If you scroll through the rest of her photos, there's also a glimpse of the stylish outdoor patio gazebo, complete with white chairs and matching curtains.

She captioned her post: "Cheers, Drop your favorite summertime emoji below!"

Not surprisingly, the post was met with tons of comments to praise her sultry summer look. The "Say Something" singer posed atop a sparkly pink float in her pool, wearing a fitted white dress and floppy sun hat with a golden necklace. She also included close-ups of her look with a drink in hand, giving us total summer vibes. 

This isn't the first time that Aguilera has shown off her impressive pool. Just three days earlier, the songstress shared another collection of photos, except in this case, she was enjoying a swim in the water.

Aguilera wore the same white dress and added a pair of stylish sunglasses to upgrade her look. "#WAP got me feelin some type of way," she wrote, referencing Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's female power anthem, "WAP."

One user commented: "So gorgeous!" And another fan added: "This is EVERYTHING I needed and more."

We could totally go for a swim in Aguilera's crystal-clear pool... Hey, we can dream, right?

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