Chrissy Teigen and Kelly Clarkson Are Planning a Wedding and You’ll Never Guess Who It's For

chrissy teigen kelly clarkson

Over the past few months, Kelly Clarkson and Chrissy Teigen have forged a new friendship that the world didn’t know it needed. And what seems to have begun with a short Twitter exchange between the two, has turned into something wayyy bigger: convincing their children to fall in love. 

Wait a minute, how did the 33-year-old cooking guru and the 37-year-old singer get on the topic of becoming in-laws? 

On May 7, Clarkson confessed to Entertainment Tonight that she wants her son, Remington, to marry Teigen and John Legend’s daughter, Luna. And while it might be a little hasty to start booking venues and ordering cakes, when asked about the idea, Teigen was totally on board. 

“She has the most incredible family,” Teigen told ET. “Our kids and her kids hang out backstage at The Voice, and River [Clarkson's daughter] is just such a little…she, like, runs my daughter. She’s like,‘Here's what you need to do.’ She's, like, taken over backstage because she's been there longer, and it's adorable to see.” 

For the record, we are also on board with this. But unfortunately, the (future) bride and groom have a long time before any potential weddings—since they aren’t even 3 years old yet. 

Just one question though: Which parent will be chosen to sing at the reception?

*Crossing our fingers for a Legend/Clarkson duet of All of Me.* 

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