Maggie Gyllenhaal Had No Idea She Needed This Important Baby Essential After Having Her Daughter

maggie gyllenhaal

Celebrity moms: They're just like us, in that they're wildly unprepared for first-time parenthood.

Case in point? Maggie Gyllenhaal. After welcoming her first daughter, Ramona, 12 years ago, the actress now admits how caught off-guard she was, specifically when it came to the necessary accessories.

“I didn’t even know I needed a diaper bag,” the actress said during a Facebook Live chat with Italian cookie company Loacker. “Nobody told me and I remember going out with my oldest daughter when she was very young and she pooped and got it everywhere and I just was like, I don’t know what to do. And then, you know, you learn.”

As Ramona grew up, Gyllenhaal said, so did she. “I was 28 when my first daughter was born so I was becoming a grown-up, too, in a way,” she said. “I was figuring out who I [was], what I want and how I want to mother and how that’s different from the ways that I was mothered and how it’s similar.”

Gyllenhaal, 41, and husband Peter Sarsgaard, 48, now have two daughters, Ramona and 7-year-old Gloria Ray. After getting over those few early blips, the star of The Deuce says she's excited for her girls to get older. “I’m looking forward to the adolescence stuff,” she said. “It doesn’t scare me as much, I think, as the infancy.”

Fair point, even though that first middle school dance can be a real stress-fest.

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