This Twitter Exchange Between Chrissy Teigen & Kelly Clarkson Is Proof They Need to Be BFFs

Picture this: You’re Chrissy Teigen (no, we’re not done). You’re Chrissy Teigen and for whatever reason you get the urge to FaceTime singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson. This should be easy (duh, your husband is John Legend). But…it’s not. John doesn’t have her number.

That’s what happened to the real Chrissy Teigen on Thursday, and it led to an awesome Twitter exchange (and possibly a new friendship?) that we didn’t know we needed. Let’s break it down.

Once Chrissy realized her hubby didn’t have Clarkson’s number, she did what she does best. Tweeted.  

Both throwing shade at John and reaching out to Clarkson? Clever. And of course, the original American Idol winner responded. 

Seems like a fair trade if you ask us. But this wasn’t the first time Clarkson indicated she wanted to try some of Teigen’s cooking. Exhibit A: 

It’s been almost three years since this initial request. So, all the 33-year-old model has to do is cook the musician one meal and she will have her number in her phone. 

Fortunately, we have no doubt Teigen will document their budding friendship on social media so we can all be in on the action.