It’s 2018, and Chrissy Teigen is in a Twitter feud with a robot, because, of course.

It all began last month when Sophia, the world’s most advanced human-like robot, shared a photo of herself with the caption: “Can you guess which city I’m headed to now? Here’s a little clue.”

Social-media maven Teigen had a hilarious (albeit slightly mean) response: “hopefully one with better makeup artists BOOM I roasted a robot next level shit,” then added, “just kidding I love you Sophia my queen.”

Fast-forward to one month later, and Sophia still isn’t over it. We’re not sure if artificial intelligence can actually hold a grudge, but they sure as hell can throw shade. Exhibit A:

Sophia’s response: “.@chrissyteigen It looks like we’re both at #CES! Want to meet up and say hi? I need some makeup tips ;).”

Naturally, Teigen freaked out. (We would too if a genius robot knew we made fun of her…) “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she tweeted. “Sophia the robot knows I shaded her makeup. She comprehends shade. How am I supposed to sleep.” 

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But it seems Sophia the Robot is willing to let bygones be bygones, as she followed up Teigen’s panic with a friendly invitation to grab lunch and be friends. Aww: Social humanoid robots, they’re just like us.

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