Chrissy Teigen Got Husband John Legend's Lyrics Tattooed Down Her Spine

Chrissy Teigen is honoring her husband, John Legend, with some brand-new ink.

On Instagram, the cookbook author shared a behind-the-scenes video of herself getting a new tattoo inspired by Legend's song about her, "Ooh Laa." In the caption, she added, "ooooooooh la...shoowap shoowap." The model also gave a shoutout to her tattoo artist, Winter Stone, who can be seen carefully inking her back in the video.

The video begins with Legend begins serenading his wife while she gets her tattoo, then transitions into footage of Stone penning the song's title in cursive along Teigen's spine. It also includes shots of the model admiring Stone's handiwork, as well as a clip of Legend and Teigen discussing the first time she heard the romantic song.

Legend says, "Tell everyone about the first time you heard this song." When Teigen admits that she doesn't recall, Legend gets seriously flirty and says, "I remember. It was in our bedroom." But Teigen says, "I remember the first time I heard 'All Of Me,' I remember the first time I heard honestly most of your songs, but not this one."

After realizing that he can't jog her memory, he fesses up and reveals that they had to "test run" the song to "make sure it worked." And just in case the fans missed what he was really getting at, he added, "It worked. The first time we played it on repeat. It was a good...conversation starter."

In addition to the video, Stone also gave fans a glimpse of his work and captioned the photo, "What a blessing to honor Chrissy with this ooh laa tattoo down her spine! John wrote this sexy song for her so naturally she should have it tattooed on her right?!!! And if you haven’t heard BIGGER LOVE John’s new album: listen it’s so good!"

If you recall, Teigen also paid tribute to her late son Jack by getting a new tattoo of his name. It was revealed on her Instagram Story in November, while having a date night with her husband.

What a beautiful gesture to honor her loved ones!

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