The Saga of Chrissy Teigen & Her New Hamster Is Not to Be Missed

There comes a time in every parent’s life when their kid asks for a hamster (or some other cute but smelly pet). Well, that time has come for Chrissy Teigen, and so far it’s been an interesting journey. 

The 33-year-old shared on Twitter that in addition to caring for her 2-year-old daughter, Luna, and 9-month-old son, Miles, (OK, and 40-year-old husband John Legend), she’s now been tasked with raising a hamster. It all started when Luna asked for a furry friend and Teigen obliged her.

“Luna and I bought a hamster today. Her name is Peanut Butter. John is not thrilled, which makes me love her more,” she announced. 

But she soon learned hamster ownership isn’t as easy it seems, especially because of their picky diets.

“They told us we can feed her anything. My mom said, ‘Rice?’ And they go, ‘No, not rice,’” she explained. If not rice, then what?! (Hint: It’s hamster food.)

The confusing directions didn’t stop there.

Teigen expressed her concern, writing, “They also said, ‘Don’t really touch her for a week. Then touch her a lot or she’ll bite you.’ It’s very confusing being a hamster mom.” That it is.

But the Cravings: Hungry for More author was willing to put her sanity aside to make Peanut Butter feel welcome.

So, she offered to get her a friend…and was immediately shot down: “I said, ‘Should I get two so they can have a friend?’ And the lady said, ‘No, they will end up with a lot of bully scars.’ So any hamster tips are welcome.”

Things didn’t get any easier when Peanut Butter got home.

First Teigen lost the hamster and wrote, “I just went to take a picture of her and I honestly can’t find her.”

Then, Peanut Butter started doing, um, this.

Finally, Teigen admitted she was worried about Peanut Butter’s hydration levels.

“I feel like she doesn’t know to how to drink out of her hamster drink thing. I keep showing her and I am starting to feel dumb,” she tweeted.

So what did Teigen do? A very comprehensive Google search. 

“Honestly I researched hamsters more than I did with babies,” she joked.

In the end, the mom of two ordered Peanut Butter a deluxe condo and called it a day.

She gave us a play by play and wrote, “It’s [sic] condo is on its way. My mistake was buying a cage dumber than the hamster.” 

Never change, Chrissy. Never change. 


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