Chris Hemsworth’s First Job Was, Um, Unexpected

Just when we thought we’d heard the craziest of the first job stories…this happened.

Chris Hemsworth recently appeared on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and revealed that his first-ever job involved “cleaning out breast pumps.” (Yep.)

The news broke during a game of “True Confessions,” which featured comedian Kumail Nanjiani trying to determine whether Hemsworth was lying or telling the truth.

In the clip, Hemsworth describes his first job as a breast pump technician. When the actor reveals that he was 14 years old, he explains what the position entailed, saying, “It was repairing them as well, occasionally. Any pump, you know, there’s a motor with a belt, like a rubber belt—fttt, fttt, fttt, fttt—for the suction.”

After Hemsworth confirms it is—in fact—the truth, Nanjiani says what we’re all thinking: “Do the women who used these breast pumps now know that Chris Hemsworth once cleaned out their breast pumps, and can you buy them on eBay?”

BRB, shamelessly browsing every auction website in an attempt to track down breast pumps that date back to when Hemsworth was 14.


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