Chris Hemsworth Shares Rare Clip of His Daughter on IG That Proves She's His Biggest Fan

Proud Dad Moment

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Chris Hemsworth's daughter has ventured into the Marvel Cinematic Universe—and he wants the world to know it.

Earlier this week, the actor, 40, shared a rare clip of his 11-year-old daughter, India Rose, watching his performance as the God of Thunder, Thunder, Thor, in one of his Marvel movies. Not surprisingly, it already garnered over two million likes. In the video, India is so engrossed in the film that she doesn't notice her dad recording. He captioned the post, "I swear it was her choice #familyloyalty."

In the video, which is set to the Wookiefoot's “Happy to Be Here,” India and her dad are riding first class on a flight. India dons headphones in her reclining chair while her dad looks on proudly and records. After zooming in on his character, he turns the camera to himself and winks.

"Being the daughter of Thor and Chris Hemsworth at the same time is priceless," one fan wrote in the comments. Another said, "There is no stamp of approval on our art that feels better than our kids." Even Serena Williams wrote, "That is pretty awesome."

chris hemsworth daughter watches thor
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Hemsworth shares India Rose and his twin sons, Sasha and Tristan, with his wife Elsa Pataky. And though he rarely posts them on social media (we're still not over these epic bike stunts performed by his boys), he revealed that he's prioritizing spending quality time with his family.

While speaking with The Father Hood, he said, "It’s so easy to be distracted. I feel like when you look around these days, every second person’s got their head in their phone."

He continued, "We turn around and complain all the time that they don’t sit still, but what kind of example are we setting? We’re all guinea pigs in the generation of the iPhone and I think we’ve all got to start paying attention to what the ripple effect is. Now, I choose an hour or two of the day where I need to look at it, but not be 24 hours a day on call and just be with them. Because you think they’re not paying attention but they do."

As for how he wants his children to remember him, Hemsworth said, "My dream would be for them to talk about me as a parent one day and say that he was always there, he played with us, he was present, he listened, he paid attention."

Major kudos to Hemsworth for being a superhero dad.

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