Chris Harrison Reveals What Fans Can Expect from This Season’s ‘Bachelorette’ Dates

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There’s no denying that Clare Crawley’s dramatic season of The Bachelorette is already interesting, to say the least. And although we’re only on week two, it hasn't been super clear what we can expect in the upcoming episodes. Luckily, Chris Harrison shed some light on the subject

PureWow recently sat down with the Bachelor franchise star to talk about his latest partnership with Kelly Blue Book and the recent release of their Auto Repair Guide—a go-to resource providing fair pricing for a variety of maintenance and car repairs. During the chat, the 49-year-old television host opened up about how production had to get creative with the dates this season, considering they had to abide by the quarantine guidelines. Not surprisingly, there was no traveling whatsoever. 

“There were some constraints obviously. We had to shoot in the same resort so we’re not traveling around the world,” Harrison said. “So, things will look a little different in that regard. But it really feels like The Bachelorette. You’re going to see some of the same spaces reimagined and some of the dates aren’t the crazy elaborate dates like bungee jumping off a bridge in New Zealand or skydiving. Obviously, we had to tone things down to just do it in the confines of the resort but to me, it’s still good.”

In fact, Harrison compared season 16 to another hit Bachelor franchise series. “It was more like Bachelor in Paradise where there is more intensity and more emotion and there wasn’t that release of having to stop and travel,” he continued. “There were no breaks so that intensity was never released. And we may incorporate that in the future.” 

Sounds like not leaving the mansion is a recipe for more drama, and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out. 

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