Céline Dion Has the Most Extra Shoe Storage Solution

celine dion sitting on floor 728

The voice is big and the outfits are even bigger. (We mean, remember when girlfriend wore scuba gear as pants? We won't soon forget it.) So are you really surprised that Queen Céline Dion's shoe closet situation isn't exactly low-key? 

As Dion recently shared with WWD, the singer has a casual 10,000 pairs of shoes in current rotation—which she just relocated to Las Vegas, where she's now in her second residency at Caesar's Palace. 

“I cannot give anything away, because every piece that I buy has brought me to where I am tonight," Dion explained. "They’re part of every step that I take, and I have an attachment to it." 

OK, so she's got some loose joy-sparking criteria. But where does one keep an arsenal of shoes that large? Simple: One rents a personal warehouse to house said shoe collection. "You can call it crazy," she offered. "I keep everything...I just keep buying a bigger [warehouse] space.” (Dead.) 

From Céline's lips to your ears: An edited closet is as simple as an offsite storage hangar. 

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