Cauliflower Tortillas Are the Grain-Free Taco Ingredient We've Been Waiting For

If you've ever felt like Taco Tuesday could use 40 percent more cauliflower, you're in luck: Tortillas made from everyone's favorite carb substitute will be available on Amazon and in select grocery stores starting in February.

The brand responsible is CAULIPOWER, which has already made a name for itself turning the cruciferous veggie into pizza crust and baking mix. And while we fully encourage making your own cauliflower tortillas (it's surprisingly easy), we're not ones to turn down the convenience of a premade wrap just waiting to be filled. The vegan, gluten-free tortillas are stored frozen, and just need 30 or so seconds in a skillet or a microwave before they're ready to eat.

Now if only they could figure out how to cauli-fy our margaritas, we'd be set.

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