Carole Middleton Shares Her Go-To Trick for Getting Her Grandkids to Help in the Garden

carole middleton grandkids

Carole Middleton is opening up about her go-to-trick for getting her grandchildren to participate in gardening activities.

The 66-year-old mother of Kate Middleton recently sat down for an interview with Saga magazine, where she discussed the duchess’s three children: Prince George (7), Princess Charlotte (5) and Prince Louis (3). Middleton explained that her secret to keeping their attention span is having everything ready before they begin.

“If I’m doing planting with my grandchildren, I like to have it all laid out at ‘activity stations’ with their own little trowel and pot, so they can get started immediately,” she told the mag. “It’s no-good calling children over to an activity, only for you then to have to fuss about looking for the right equipment and clearing a space. They’ll soon lose interest and slope off.”

Middleton also revealed that outdoor activities increase their appreciation of nature. “It’s important for children to grow up appreciating nature and part of that is allowing them to get a bit muddy,” she explained.

While discussing her role as a grandmother, Middleton described herself as “hands-on,” adding, “I want to run down the hills, climb the trees and go through the tunnel at the playground. As long as I am able to, that’s what I’ll be doing. I cook with them, I muck around dancing, we go on bike rides.”

Now if only someone would come over to our house and set up “activity stations”…

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