Cardi B on Motherhood, Music & How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables: ‘Be Prepared for it All’

Cardi B is sharing never-before-heard details about her motherhood journey, including how she gets her two children—Kulture (4) and Wave (1)—to eat vegetables.

The 30-year-old musician recently sat down for an exclusive interview with PureWow to promote her all-new partnership with Knorr (more on this later).

cardi b kids motherhood vegetables
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While discussing her two children, Cardi B shared foolproof advice for new moms and mothers-to-be. “Be prepared for it all,” she told PureWow. “Your children will challenge you, but you will love them beyond belief. I would do anything for my little babies!!”

Cardi B admitted that she didn’t realize “how rewarding” motherhood would be prior to having kids. “I love my children!!” she said. “They’re my best friends.”

She also confirmed that her children have changed the way she makes music. “They motivate me and make me grind harder,” she added.

cardi b kids motherhood vegetables
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Cardi B revealed that nutrition is her number one priority. As a result, she has learned how to incorporate veggies into their meals—even if it means disguising them as something else. She said, “Hide [vegetables] under the good stuff and cut them into fun shapes if that doesn’t work!!!”

Luckily, the musician explained that her children aren’t picky eaters. “My kids know how to eat good, and I know how to flavor my food, so it’s easy to slap some vegetables on the side of some chicken or beef,” she said.

Cardi B recently teamed up with Knorr to create a selection of combo meals that are nutritious and delicious. “Knorr has always been my ride or die for a long time,” she told PureWow. “I remember using it to make tasty meals for big family dinners growing up, and now it’s a staple in ya girl’s pantry!”

The musician continued, “I’ve linked up with them to unveil Knorr Taste Combos. It’s a menu of meals to show how cooking in your own kitchen can be quick, delicious and affordable—just like your fav combo meals!”


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