Move Over, Queen Elizabeth’s Hand Waving Machine: Camilla Parker Bowles Just Came Up with the ‘Brim Rest’

First Camilla Parker Bowles introduced us to her photogenic power pose in portraits taken in honor of Prince Charles’s 70th birthday. Now, she has something new up her sleeve, or, rather, on her head.

The 71-year-old Duchess of Cornwall stepped out to attend Ladies Day at the Cheltenham Festival in—you guessed it—Cheltenham, England, today and showed off a new move we’re calling the “brim rest.”

camilla parker bowles resting hand on hat
WPA Pool/Getty Images

Parker Bowles greeted well-wishers at the engagement and rested her hand on the rather decadent brim of her fur hat for a moment.

It’s a move she’s made before, most notably at a garden party in honor of the Women’s Institute held at Buckingham Palace in June of 2015.

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WPA Pool/Getty Images

On that occasion, the duchess and Princess Alexandra lightly held on to their hats as they descended into the garden.

Now the reason for the “brim rest” could be an effort to keep her hat from flying away in the wind, but since she doesn’t do it on the reg and it does get windy in the U.K. often, we have another theory on the genesis of the “brim rest.”

Royals are required to wave constantly during public engagements. So much so that Queen Elizabeth even invested a pretty penny in an automatic hand waver. The “brim rest” is a subtle way to rest her dominant waving hand without anyone knowing. It’s genius, free and barely discernible.

Leave it to Camilla Parker Bowles to come up with a royal waving hack. Meghan and Kate, you might want to try it for yourselves.


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