Brooke Shields Poses in Chic One-Piece Swimsuit on Instagram (& the Post Already Has Over 40K Likes)

Brooke Shields recently shared a series of swimsuit photos on Instagram and she clearly still knows how to pose like a pro.

The actress, 55, posted a series of black-and-white bathing suit pics from a photo shoot, which was done by her pal and Danish model, Helene Christensen. Shields wrote, "A great friend and a dream collaborator [heart emoji] thank you for believing in my vision and helping bring it to life."

The post, which has more than 40,000 likes, features multiple shots of the model and actress basking in the sun. She's seen wearing a stylish black one-piece as she lays in the grass, surrounded by flowers.

One fan commented, "You look absolutely amazing!" Another wrote, "Slaying it! You are stunning! [fire emojis]."

Christensen also shared the same photos to her Instagram page, along with a few additional shots in color. She wrote, "Capturing a person’s essence isn’t always so simple. You wish to reach through the complex, sometimes guarded layers to find the vulnerable, raw, yearning truth in their heart and mind. This beautiful woman is someone who has shown those qualities to my camera lens for years. I am grateful to have her, not only as an inspiring photography subject but also as a caring, smart, witty, honest friend. And I’m excited to be a part of a personal project she’s been working hard on for a while now."

In her recent appearance on Today, Shields revealed that she learned a lot about herself during the quarantine. She explained, "I need fewer social engagements, I need fewer people around, I need less. I really want to stop the noise that I've allowed in my life for decades."

She also mentioned that she doesn't miss the fast-paced world of Hollywood, adding, "The revving up and the constant motion and (even) getting ready, it's like, doing the hair and the make-up and the production, it's all just anxiety. It's unnecessary. There's so many unnecessary things that, as people, I don't want to spend my time doing for this next part of my life." So well said.

Keep the fabulous pics coming, Brooke! 

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