6 Editors on Their Must-Have Items for At-Home Quarantine

Whether you’re honing your bread-baking and whipped-coffee skills or you’re just trying to take it day by day, these weird times have definitely given us a new perspective. And with a new perspective comes new ways of working, interacting and going about our daily lives. Here, all the most essential items our editors have kept on hand during this at-home quarantine.

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Target/Society6/Air Wick

1. Iced Coffee, A Yoga Mat And Toilet Spray

“The thing I miss most about my daily routine is sipping iced coffee on my way into the office. Instead, I’ve replaced it with some home-poured iced coffee that’s available in most grocery stores. I add a bit of almond milk and feel tinge of normalcy as I sit down to my laptop. I’ve also been working out from home, so I bought this pretty yoga mat for my online pilates and core classes. Since I’m living at my parents’ home right now, I’m also sharing a bathroom, which means common courtesy is of the utmost importance. Having a bottle of Air Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop Spray with essential oils is necessary. Just three sprays in the toilet bowl before you go, and all odors are eliminated, leaving behind a fresh scent of lemon and citrus.” –Roberta Fiorito, Editor

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Sockerbit/EA Games/Misfits Market

2. Sour Gummies, The Sims 4 And A Produce Subscription Box

“I’ve been craving vegetables and getting them delivered as a CSA-style box from Misfits Market, which is great because it balances out my other craving—sour gummies. Yes, I did order two pounds of sour gummies from a local Swedish candy store. No, I don’t feel ashamed. I’ve found on the weekends, it’s easy to fall into a panic if I have nothing to keep me occupied, so I’ve been playing The Sims, my favorite childhood computer game. It soothes the soul.” –Katherine Gillen, Associate Food Editor

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Etsy/Urban Outfitters

3. Ankle Weights And An Embroidery Kit

“I need something to keep my hands busy (and to calm my mind), so this needlepoint kit from Etsy has been my go-to. And these Bala Bangles ankle weights make me feel like the 25 steps I’m getting a day are really counting.” –Candace Braun Davidson, Executive Editor

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4. Root Touch-up Spray, Natural Deodorant And A Polaroid Camera

“This easy-to-use root touch-up spray from Oribe has saved my color since I haven’t been to the salon in quite some time. I’m also experimenting with Corpus natural deodorant because now is as good of a time as ever to make the switch, amiright? Also, this is a little cheesy, but I've been trying to take one photo each day to document this time in quarantine. This Instax camera has been helping to provide perspective and I think it will be cool to look back at the collection once this is over.” –Angela Pares, Editorial Director

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Olive & June/Amazon

5. Nail Polish And Comfy Slippers

“I’ve been wearing slippers a lot (no surprise there), and these ones from UGG are my favorite, since I like ones that fit more like socks rather than a moccasin with a hard-soled bottom. I’ve also been using Olive and June nail polish, specifically the color ‘EC.’ It’s a barely-there sheer that has a special ingredient complex for healthy strong nails.” –Rachel Gulmi, Associate Managing Editor

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6. Weighted Blanket, Press-on Nails And Vitamin C Squalene Oil

“With all that’s going on right now, I’ve had a few restless nights. I started using a weighted blanket and it’s really helped me feel safe and secure and allowed me to get more shut-eye. And since I haven’t been able to get my bi-weekly gel manicures, I’ve been using these press-on jelly nails from Kiss. I might even make the permanent switch! The result looks like a $50 manicure for less than $10. Lastly, while I’ve been staying away from makeup, this Vitamin C Squalene oil from Biossance has been a skin savior that’s kept my complexion bright, hydrated and even-toned.” –Sarah Vazquez, Audience Development Editor


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