Bratz & Barbie Unite for International Friendship Day in IG Post (& Fans Are Losing Their Minds)

International Friendship Day may be just another holiday generated by the greeting card industry, but it's still a moment to celebrate those you're thankful for, and in some cases, reconcile some differences.

This weekend, we saw one duo coming together that we never expected: Bratz and Barbie. The two competing doll companies may have endured years of legal issues, but it seems they're trying to put all that in the past. The Bratz line made a notable gesture on their official Instagram, by posting a photo of the two brands together in honor of the holiday. In the caption they wrote, “Letz be friendz! #internationalfriendshipday.”

The post already has almost 100k likes, and fans were losing their minds in the comments, writing things like “WHAAAAT” and “OH????” One user couldn't believe their eyes and said, “Just woke up and i still must be dreamin.” But most were excited by the two coming together, like one person who wrote, “BESTIE VIBES ONLY.”

The extended olive branch continued on LinkedIn, where the CEO of MGA (the company that owns Bratz), Isaac Larian, posted the same image to his account and wrote a message to Mattel's CEO, Ynon Kreiz. “Hey Ynon Kreiz: During our breakfast meeting, I enjoyed our conversation and appreciated your genuine clarification that you had nothing to do with the Mattel, Inc. lawsuit against MGA Entertainment and Mattel’s theft of MGA’s trade secrets 20 years ago,” he said.

He continued by adding, “I accepted your apology for your predecessor’s sins and sincerely asked that you not infringe on any of MGA’s future innovations. Most importantly, I extended my hand and said let’s be friends. So, on this international friendship day, I thought #BRATZ and #BARBIE should also be friends (maybe we can do a collaboration?!). What do you say?” At the end, he joked and said, “PS: We insist that MGA do the make up.”

Users on LinkedIn were just as amazed, with one person commenting, “Wow what did he feed you? Love is in the air.”

We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that we get to see this legendary collab in the near future.

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