Prince Harry Advocates for Meghan Markle Voiceover Work in Ultimate Show of Spousal Support

Remember when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the London premiere of The Lion King and chatted with Jay-Z and Beyoncé? Well, that might not have been the only important conversation the couple had that night. 

In a new video from the event, Prince Harry can be seen having a brief conversation with Disney CEO Bob Iger about the possibility of lining up some future work for his wife. 

Watch the quick interaction below. 

“You know she does voiceovers,” Harry says in the video. “Oh, really?” Iger replies. 

“Did you know that?” Harry continues. “You seem surprised. She’s really interested.” Not to mention, all of this is taking place as the duchess is speaking with Jay and Bey right next to them. Amazinggg. 

The video resurfaced over the weekend after it was reported that Markle had signed a voiceover deal with Disney. According to the U.K. newspaper, The TimesMarkle would do a voiceover for an unknown Disney project in exchange for a donation towards the conservation charity Elephants Without Borders. The report also states that the deal was made before the duke and duchess’s big announcement. 

The duo revealed last week that they are stepping back as senior members of the royal family. The couple broke the big news on their joint Instagram account and shared a lengthy caption explaining their decision.  

Way to go, Prince Harry. Does this mean you're Meghan's new agent?