"Bourbon Sweet Tea" Is the Most Requested Hair Color Right Now

Picture this: It's one of those endless summer evenings and you're sitting outside with your friends. The air is thick with humidity, but you don't really mind because the conversations are flowing and you have an ice cold drink in your hand.

Perhaps it's a tall glass of sweet tea with a splash or (ahem) generous pour of bourbon? The amber tones are sparkling in the dwindling sunlight as you swirl your cup around.

Got that mental image? That melange of caramel hues is the exact inspiration for what celebrity stylist and creator of Mydentity, Guy Tang, is dubbing the hair color of the moment: bourbon sweet tea.

"A lot of people are coming into the salon and asking for warmer tones this time of year. And rather than just adding caramel highlights throughout their hair, I'm also weaving in some blush tones to brighten things up. It's a great way to refresh your strands and add a subtle twist—especially if you're already a brunette. Plus, it works well with any complexion," says Tang.

Bring on the bourbon, we say. 

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