The Top Trending Hair Colors for 2019

There is something so powerfully transformative about changing your hair color. Whether you’re experiencing a big life change or manifesting one for the year ahead, we’ve got eight of the trendiest new shades for your consideration.  

20 Beauty Trends That Will Be Huge in 2019

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Coral Hair

What better way to rock Pantone’s color of the year than on your head? Slightly brighter than the rose golds we saw in abundance last year, this vibrant shade is surprisingly wearable thanks to its soft mix of cool and warm tones.

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Copper Highlights

Here’s an easy way to brighten brunette hair. Have your colorist add a blend of amber and golden highlights to make the color pop.

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Dusty Cinnamon

Fully embrace the red all over. Whether you’re naturally blond or brunette, this burnished hue can enhance your features. (Tip: Keep a color-depositing gloss or conditioner on hand as this color tends to fade quickly.)

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Dirty Brunette

Poised to be one of the year’s biggest color trends, this subtle shade strikes a balance between cool and warm tones to flatter a variety of skin tones.

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Shadowed Roots

Grown-out roots were once considered a faux pas, but now they’re the hallmark of “cool girl” hair. Shadowed roots add dimension—and buy you extra time between appointments. Win-win.

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Ice Blond Hair

Fact: Pinterest searches for “icy hair” are up 45 percent in the past month alone. Pale with cool blue undertones, this almost-white hue is a notch brighter than platinum and serves up major icicle vibes.

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Jet Black Hair

A la Cher...if she could turn back time. (Sorry, moving on.) Though this rich shade can wash out paler skin tones, it’s nothing a bit of bronzer and blush can’t counter. Another tip: Get thee some finishing oil. The key to rocking this color is plenty of shine.

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Fiery Orange

You can thank Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born for this fiery trend. Consult your colorist to find the right shade of orange for you. Adding hints of pink or brown can balance the bold color so that it complements your skin tone.