Boris Kodjoe on 'Station 19' Season 6: 'There Might Be a Love Triangle'

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

If you're still trying to wrap your head around that Station 19 season 5 finale, you're not the only one. 

Fans will recall that Jack resigned and sped off to an unknown destination, Travis decided to run for Mayor, and Catrina finally got her Green Card. Not to mention, the surprise twist where Chief Natasha Ross got blackmailed because of her relationship with Robert Sullivan. But where will the two go from here? Do Natasha and Sullivan stand a chance?

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According to Boris Kodjoe, who plays Robert on the show (and is currently partnering with Bounty and Microban 24), things are about to get even more complicated for the pair. He told PureWow, “Leaving off of what happened in season five, I think there might be a love triangle that's developing.”

He continued, “There might be something going on with the new chief, and then [with] Andy, there's still something there. It's going to be really exciting to find out how that's gonna play out.”

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ABC/Liliane Lathan

Fans are already divided on whether or not Sullivan and his ex-wife, Andy, are endgame, but from what we’ve already seen in season five of the Shonda Rhimes series (remember those flashbacks?), it appears that Sullivan and Natasha’s romance has the potential to survive Maya’s blackmail. 

In case you need a refresher, Maya confronted Natasha and revealed that she knew about her relationship with Sullivan, then threatened to expose the secret if she didn’t get her job back. But something tells us that Natasha won’t give in so easily.

Aside from teasing new drama, Kodjoe also spoke about how much he enjoys working with the cast. “I'm really excited about season six,” he told us. “It's such a blessing to go back to work with people you love.”

As for the other major twists that left our jaws on the floor, we’ll have to wait until the premiere of Station 19 season 6 on October 6 to get some answers. Let the countdown begin.

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