Bobby Berk’s Storage Hack Is Making Us Want to Throw Out All Our Chairs

Queer Eye’s resident home décor expert, Bobby Berk, has a knack for making it work (insert Tim Gunn voice). Whether mapping out a plan for a small one-bedroom or a massive farmhouse, the 37-year-old interior designer abides by the mantra that every piece of furniture should have a dual purpose. We recently chatted with him to get the down-low.

As a New Yorker of 14 years, Berk knows that storage space is often an issue. So, instead of stacking sweaters in an oven à la Carrie Bradshaw or renting a storage facility for shoes like Celiné Dion, the Fab Five member shared an easy fix that doubles as an entertaining hack.

“Instead of using dining chairs, use cubes that have storage in them,” Berk suggested. “So, not only are they able to be your dining chairs, but they also slide underneath the table and visually make less clutter for your space. It makes your [home] look bigger, you store items and you can also slide the cubes into your living area for seating when you have more guests over.” Wish we’d thought of that when we still lived in a studio!

The Queer Eye star went on to explain, “Everything [in your home] should have a job. Nothing should get to sit there for free if it’s not doing something for you.”

If you’ll excuse us, we’re off to purchase some storage cubes (these, to be specific) and, um, take those sweaters out of our oven.

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