Bobby Berk Is Launching a Full On Music Career—and Just Revealed All the Exclusive Deets

You heard it here first: Queer Eye star Bobby Berk is picking up a microphone and taking center stage.

The 37-year-old Fab Five member revealed to PureWow exclusively that in addition to his role on the series, his thriving home design business, and his lifestyle website, he’s officially pursuing his passion of becoming a professional singer.

Although this second act may surprise some fans, music has always been Berk’s raison d’être.

“I sang in my place of worship when I was little and was in a Christian rock band and all through high school sang. It’s always been a passion of mine, it just hasn’t been something I’ve been able to follow until now,” Berk revealed.

We first got a sample of Berk’s impressive pipes when he recently released a duet with his friend Alyssa Kayhill called “Love Is,” which he debuted on Instagram.

Queer Eye fanatics were immediately blown away by his beautiful voice. As the story goes, so was Kayhill when she first heard Berk sing after they’d enjoyed a boozy night out with friends.  

Naturally, we had to ask when we can expect more music or even—dare we say—an album.

Luckily, Berk is way ahead of us and says he does in fact hope to release a full album. “That’s the plan,” he admitted. “I don’t know when I’ll have time right now with Queer Eye and the furniture line, but it’s definitely a dream of mine to put out an album. So, if any writers and producers are out there reading, hit me up.” (You have your marching orders.)

Berk says he imagines his style as “more soulful but a little bit poppy.” He went on to muse, “I’m not looking to put out a ton of club dance songs. Although, if some were remixed, that’d be fine. But, yeah, more soulful and from the heart for me.” The interior design guru cites Ed Sheeran as a sort of inspiration.

As he’s working toward forging a whole new path for himself, Berk says he’s grateful for the support of his husband, who was there when he recorded the song “Love Is” with Kayhill. “You could definitely tell he was proud, which means the most to be me because he’s really ultimately the only one [whose opinion matters].” Berk says his fellow Fab Five members have also championed his next venture, particularly Karamo Brown. “Karamo especially has been encouraging me since literally the first week of season one to record something. So they weren’t surprised, they were just happy that I finally did it.”

So are we, Bobby. So are we. 


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