Bobby Berk Shares His Biggest Home Decor Pet Peeves (BTW, He Has a Few)

When it comes to home décor, Bobby Berk has some opinions. As Queer Eye’s resident interior designer, the 37-year-old has seen every kind of abode, from the moldy dish kitchens of season one and the hoarder-esque messes of season two. As such, he’s developed some particular aversions that are an immediate “no” in his book. When he listed them out to us, we definitely took note.

“One thing that makes me cringe is a matchy-matchy interior,” Berk admitted. “When people go and they buy a complete set from a store where the end tables, the coffee table, the console, the credenza, sofa, love seat and chairs are all exactly the same, that drives me nuts. I don’t care how cheap or how expensive it is, it just looks uninspired and not personal.”

While we subtly started chucking our matching bedroom set, we asked the Fab Five member if he has any other design pet peeves. Guess what? He does.

“Any overstuffed sofa, period, makes me cringe, it doesn’t matter what fabric it is,” he says. And it doesn’t end there: “I also am not a huge fan of big, cheap-material shag rugs—especially when you see a home with kids and they’re rolling around on it. I just feel that there is so much dirt in there. You can’t keep that clean.” We’re going to have to agree with you on that, Bobby.

While on the subject of rugs, Berk, who recently launched his new lifestyle site,, added, “Rugs around bathroom toilets: That’s disgusting…Honestly, really any rug in a bathroom that’s not white is [not OK], because you can’t see if it’s clean. God, I could go on, and on and on.” So. Many. Germs.

Last but not least, Berk implored people to stop storing their glasses drinking side up. “Storing your glasses upright in the kitchen is gross. All that dust is landing in your cup and then you’re drinking it.”

There you have it, folks. We’re not sure about you, but we have a thing or two to get rid of.

*Shudders thinking of all the germs*


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