Watch Out, Rent the Runway: Bloomingdale’s Is Launching a New Subscription Service

Rent the Runway may have paved the way for clothing rental services. Now, everyone from Loft, Vince, Rebecca Taylor, Anthropologie and even West Elm have gotten their heads (or, er, business plans) in the game. The latest big-name retailer to join? Bloomingdale’s.

The department store announced a new subscription rental service called My List at Bloomingdale’s that will be live by mid-September. 

Not only is the timing perfect (hello, fall!), but My List at Bloomingdale’s will also include more than 60 brands and over 100 exclusive pieces. In addition to the obviously exciting sartorial component on this news, it’s yet another move by a long-established company seeking to make fashion more sustainable.

As Denise Magid, Bloomindale’s executive vice president and general merchandise manager of ready-to-wear, told Women’s Wear Daily, “Urbanization has led to people living in smaller homes or apartments with limited space for clothes. Netflix has changed the way we consume movies, while Uber and Airbnb have made it second nature to share our car rides and our homes. Fashion is no exception and our customer is no exception—she wants variety, discovery and experience.” Ain’t that the truth.

So, what can we expect the range to include? Magid says workwear, “desk-to-dinner” and laid-back weekend looks with “an emphasis on trends” will be part of My List. As of now, My List at Bloomingdale’s only includes women’s clothing.

You may be wondering how it works. Subscribers will be charged $149 a month and can select a list of at least ten pieces they want to rent from (they will have the option to prioritize favorites). Once the list is set, a box containing four items will be sent out within three business days. When the subscriber is ready for more pieces, they can return the clothing in a prepaid envelope. Clothes can be held as long as subscribers like and swapped out as frequently as they see fit.

If Bloomingdale’s endeavor proves to be successful, Macy’s (which is owned by the same company) may follow suit.

We’re so ready for this…Is it September yet?


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