Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are Co-Starring in a New Commercial—and You Don’t Have to Wait for the Super Bowl to See It

There will be all kinds of star-studded commercials airing during tonight's broadcast of Super Bowl LVII, but there's one celebrity couple we don't have to wait for: Blake Lively, 35, and Ryan Reynolds, 46.

The couple made an ad together for Lively's non-alcoholic sparkling mixer company, Betty Buzz, and will be airing the clip during the Puppy Bowl on Feb. 12 at 2 p.m. ET/ 11 a.m. PT.

Lively spoke with PEOPLE about the spot, saying: “As a ’90s baby, the Super Bowl is less about football and more about commercials with beer and Clydesdales. We couldn't afford the Super Bowl or the Clydesdales…but we could afford the beer, sort of—ginger beer.”

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.
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Lively's commercial actually spoofs the types of spots that used to air during the Big Game in the ’90s, and she even recruited her hubby to narrate it.

To really make it authentic, the ad features grainy footage, with shots of a hand reaching into a cooler and horses galloping in the distance. In the background, Reynolds offers dramatic dialogue and comical whispered asides: “Presenting Betty Buzz ginger beer,” he says. “Bold flavor. The clean, fresh ginger taste, with just the right balance of spice (spice). Sip it, down it, or enjoy it all on its own (perfectly-sized bubbles).”

The video also sees Lively, dressed in a red lumberjack flannel and jeans, popping open a crisp cold one with her teeth before pouring herself a glass and chugging down the whole thing. The clip ends with a frozen still of Lively, as Reynolds says, “Betty Buzz—the makers of America's quality ginger beer.” (Check out the hilarious spot below.)

Intrigued? The Gossip Girl actress told PEOPLE of the beverage, “No, there's no alcohol. Just fresh delicious chunks of ginger in an electrically sparkling base. The point is, I'm running a start-up here. See you at the Puppy Bowl…”

Lively founded her Betty Buzz company in 2021. On the company's official site, she explains her reason for establishing it, saying, “I don’t drink. I know that’s odd coming from the wife of an infamous gin slinger. Over the past many years of mixing but not drinking cocktails, it became clear mixers are the unsung heroes of the drink world and deserve just as much love as alcohol.” She adds, “We spent over three years crafting Betty Buzz and are so excited for people to finally taste it.”

Cheers to that, Blake!

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