Billy Porter Says Self-Care Is a Concept He’s Never Embraced Before, Until Now

Spring is here, ladies and gentlemen, and for Billy Porter, that means it’s time to declutter, declutter, declutter—and not just as a way to streamline his closet. In fact, the Pose star deems it an essential part of his self-care routine, so much so that he recently partnered with Clorox to break down how a healthy dose of spring queening can be surprisingly head-clearing. 

“Self-care is a new concept for me,” he told Purewow. “I’m a workaholic, and I haven’t always understood the importance of that. I got married recently, and my husband has been very instrumental in helping to teach me what that means.” The 50-year-old actor also revealed that this time of year is what really opens up space for him to be “free, present and positive.” 

“For me, one of the times that I really do do it [self-care] is during spring cleaning,” he continued. “I’m not going to lie—we have a cleaning lady and she comes every Friday. But one of the times that I actually get in the trenches and clean and declutter myself with my own bare hands is during spring. Because it makes me feel present. Decluttering the house declutters my brain and just helps me move into the season of blossoming in a present and productive way.” 

Hear that, ya’ll? The season of blossoming is upon us.