Billy Porter Preps His Wardrobe for Award Shows Before He Knows if He’s Even Invited

When it comes to what you’re wearing, Billy Porter believes you can never be too prepared. 

PureWow sat down to chat with Porter about his red carpet looks, as well as his newest partnership with Clorox, which showcases how a healthy dose of spring queening is an essential part of self-care. The Pose star revealed that when planning his wardrobe for events, it’s all hands on deck. 

“For award shows and high-profile red carpets down the line we start a little bit earlier,” he said, “because we’ve been working towards custom pieces for that now. So, it takes a little bit earlier to design, develop and then create them.” The 50-year-old actor also stated that he even preps outfits for events before he even knows if he is attending them. 

“I always think it’s very strange to me to talk about ‘Oh, we have to get a look for the Emmys.’ Its kind of like, ‘Well what if I don’t get nominated?’ ‘What if not going?’ So, it’s a little strange, but one must put it into process and if I don’t, then we can embargo it for something else.” So. Smart. 

However, for lower-profile engagements, things are a little less complicated. 

“For the smaller things, my stylist will go and pull a bunch of stuff and we sit and I curate yes or no,” he continued. “These days because there’s so much and I’m so busy, we do a lot of stuff in chunks. I’ll have a three-hour fitting and we’ll go through a bunch of stuff so it’s there for us to pull when we need it.”

We’re taking notes.