You Might Have Missed These Major Details from the Opening Credits of ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Moody, soothing and incredibly download-worthy soundtrack included, Big Little Lies season two made a dramatic splash, in much the same way season one did.

There was the catty passive-aggressive behavior from Reese Witherspoon's Madeline Martha Mackenzie (met head-on by fake-teeth-wearing Meryl Streep's Mary Louise Wright), the breathtaking views of the Pacific Coast Highway, and the haunting ice-blue eyes of Nicole Kidman's Celeste. 

But one huge difference (besides the departure from the novel and arrival of newcomer Streep): the opening credits to season two. Yes, they may look and feel the same, but the new credits actually hold a ton of secrets.

While the song "Cold Little Heart" by Michael Kiwanuka still plays over the sweeping views of the Bixby Creek Bridge, kids playing and dancing at school and the shadows of a woman and man intertwined behind glass, the credits do contain some major easter eggs for the season.

For one, the driving shots of the main characters (Madeline, Celeste, Renata, Jane and Bonnie) also include Streep's Mary Louise. As Mary Louise drives, she looks into her rear-view mirror to see if anyone's behind her. Could this be a clue that Perry's mother-in-law will remain super paranoid and possibly scared for her life after losing her son? We've already seen a bit of the steely and accusatory MIL that Streep's set to portray, but this could be from an actual scene from the show, perhaps where Mary Louise is being tailed. We can't wait to see more.

Also, in a shot of the "Monterey Five" walking along the beach, we see Madeline, Celeste and Renata walking closely together, while Jane and Bonnie are separated from the group. This could mean rising tensions between Bonnie due to her guilt over Perry's death, and Jane's revelation that she was raped by Perry. Will these issues push the two women out of the inner circle and away from the others?

Just a few things to ponder on as you count down the seconds 'til next Sunday and procrastinate the work deadlines you've been putting off by watching BLL YouTube clips...

*Insert Meryl Streep scream here.*


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