If You Love ‘Great British Baking Show,’ You Need to Watch Netflix's ‘Bake Squad’

Move over, Paul Hollywood. There’s a new reality baking series coming to Netflix, and it looks just as intense (and delicious) as The Great British Baking Show.

On Monday, the streaming platform dropped the trailer for its upcoming series, Bake Squad. The baking series, which is hosted by Christina Torsi, features four talented bakers—chosen by the MasterCheff judge herself—who will compete across eight episodes in an attempt to have their dessert chosen for a special occasion (we’re talking weddings, birthdays and celebrations of life).

Watch the official trailer below.

Based on the clip, it’s pretty clear that the show is filled with bizarre desserts—giant chocolate eggs, dessert pizzas and the biggest ice cream cone we've ever seen. And in addition to making us hungry, it seems like the light-hearted content we’ve been craving.

Netflix’s official synopsis reads: “In each episode of Bake Squad, four individually brilliant bakers will battle it out to see whose dessert will be chosen for someone’s extra special big day. These bakers have been personally selected by Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi, who built an empire on delicious cookie dough. For her next sweet trick, Tosi has built this squad of bakers who have one mission and one mission only: Make dessert dreams come true! High hopes, high temperatures, high stakes...all courtesy of the Bake Squad.”

Season one of Bake Squad is hitting small screens on August 11. And we simply can’t wait.

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