‘Bachelorette’ Fans Are Gunning for This Contestant to Become the Next ‘Bachelor’

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

In the Bachelorette world, there are always heroes and villains. Last night’s episode solidified Luke P. as the villain of Hannah Brown’s season, but it also named a hero. Now Bachelorette fans are calling for this contestant to be named the next Bachelor.

So which of Brown’s suitors is already the Bachelor favorite? Drumroll, please…it’s Mike. Not only has his warm personality shown from the beginning, but in episode three he was vulnerable and honest in a way few contestants have been before.

It all started after the rather, um, creative baby preparation group date Mike and a handful of the other guys went on. During the outing, they had the unfortunate experience of enduring a simulated labor, got quizzed on female anatomy and were shown how to care for babies, complete with fake breastfeeding tutorials and all. Following the excursion, the guys and Brown gathered for a cocktail party. It was there that Mike pulled Brown aside and told her he found the day’s events to be triggering because his ex-partner experienced a miscarriage in her second-trimester and he didn’t feel he emotionally supported her through the loss enough. He cried openly and told Brown he only hopes it made him a better man. His compassion for his partner’s loss and vulnerability is refreshing. Juxtaposed against Cam’s poor-me play at a “pity rose,” he emerged as even more of a stand-up guy.

Fans on Twitter were more than happy to show their support.

“Mike, look at me. LOOK AT ME,” one Twitter user wrote. “Don’t mess this up because [sic] because I need you to be the next Bachelor.” We wholeheartedly agree.

The episode four promo does show Mike’s frustration with Luke P. growing. And he also says he would beat anyone up that disrespected someone important to him. Then an ambulance arrives, so fingers crossed that has nothing to do with Mike. Like that fan said, don’t mess it up, Mike. 

Many others applauded Mike for his candor and for speaking about a miscarriage so openly and with such compassion. Another Twitter user illustrated their reaction with a meme of Anne Hathaway clapping.

“Mike is a Bachelor contender I could get behind,” they wrote.

All we can say is make it happen, Chris Harrison.


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