Here’s What Hannah Godwin Really Thinks of Hannah Brown’s First Impression Rose Recipient

Former Bachelor contestant Hannah Godwin does not approve of Hannah Brown’s first impression rose recipient, Luke Parker. And she’s not the only one.

The 23-year-old recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight, where she discussed season 15 of The Bachelorette. When asked about Luke P.’s early success on the season premiere, Godwin admitted that the choice “totally seems very extreme.”

The content creator went on to say that Luke P. appears to act differently when he’s with Hannah B., adding, “And from what we’ve seen in the little previews, I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s a different kind of Luke.’ And that’s what scares me. You know what I mean? In some of the promos and commercials for [the season], he’s a totally different person.”

Hannah G. isn’t the only member of Bachelor Nation to speak out against Luke P. Former Bachelor Nick Viall also addressed the moment on an episode of The Ringer’s Bachelor Party podcast, saying: “He sucks, he truly sucks.”

Viall also admitted that he gets weird vibes from the Georgia native. “I don’t know if it will reveal itself this season,” he continued. “He may just keep saying all the right things long enough to not look like an a**hole, but mark my words, at some point we will all see the real Luke P.”

So, will Luke P. fool Hannah B. long enough to make it to the end? Sadly, we wouldn’t be surprised. The Bachelorette returns to ABC next Monday, May 20, at 8 p.m.

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