Julie LaPlaca​’s Instagram Page Had the Answer to that ‘Bachelor’ Producer Theory All Along​

Now that Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor has officially come to an end, we can confirm that he didn’t end up with his producer, Julie LaPlaca, like many fans assumed. However, we’re starting to realize that we never should have believed the theory in the first place, and the evidence is all over her Instagram page.

You see, LaPlaca has been employed by ABC for a few years now, which means she’s worked on several seasons of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. By the looks of it, the producer has a habit of establishing friendships with past stars and contestants.

This doesn’t really surprise us, since they spend loads of time together during production. But after scrolling through LaPlaca’s Instagram page, it’s clear that Weber isn’t the only person from Bachelor Nation whom she befriended. In fact, her feed is filled with chummy photos of herself with Hannah Brown, Colton Underwood, Rachel Lindsay and even Blake Hortsmann, which means we should have been able to debunk the theory from the get-go. *Sigh*

Don’t believe us? Keep reading for all the evidence.

1. Her 'hot Date' In Santorini

Her words, not ours.

2. Posing With Colton Underwood

“So much love for this guy! Hope you all enjoyed the season,” she captioned the post.

3. Bachelor Nation Viewing Party

We’ll just assume our invite got lost in the mail.

4. 'cheeeese!'

Bachelor in Paradise selfie, say what?

5. This Couch Photo

Once upon a time, she hung out with Blake Hortsmann and Jason Tartick.

6. Yet Another Selfie

“This was my first inside a hearse #thebachelorette,” she wrote.

7. 'the Bachelorette' Days

Talk about a handsome crew.


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