Jennifer Lopez's New Sci-Fi Film Reaches Over 60 Million Views on Netflix

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Just four days after its release, Jennifer Lopez's mind-bending sci-fi drama, Atlas, soared to the number one spot on Netflix's top ten list of most-watched movies. Nearly two weeks later, the movie is still dominating on Netflix.

Per Deadline, Lopez's gripping adventure film brought in 60 million global views, translating to 119.4 million total hours viewed. Atlas garnered an impressive 28.2 million views in its first two days, then gained another 31.6 million global views in its second week. This now makes Atlas the second-most-watched Lopez film on Netflix, following her action-packed drama, The Mother. (Currently, The Mother is on Netflix’s list of the ten most-watched movies of all time with 136.4 million views.) 

In case you need a refresher on Atlas, Lopez stars as a skilled data analyst who's tasked with saving humanity from a renegade robot. The catch? She has no choice but to rely on risky AI technology she doesn't trust.

In an interview with Netflix’s Tudum, Lopez discussed how the film’s message resonated with her. She said, “I loved that this is a big sci-fi action movie, but at its core, it’s a story of friendship—and a love story, in a way. I always see everything as a love story, but this is a different kind of love between two beings who connect in disastrous circumstances, and teach each other how to be more human.”

Director Brad Peyton also opened up about the movie's central theme, adding, “The heart of Atlas is really about trust and how difficult it is to trust people. Atlas is told through the lens of a woman who’s learning to trust after undergoing a trauma that’s upended her life. It’s a reminder of how we have to have deep, meaningful relationships in our lives, in one way, shape, or form. That you can’t do everything by yourself; you have to choose to trust people at a certain point and let them in.”

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Courtesy of Netflix

Alongside Lopez, who co-produced the film, Atlas stars Simu LiuSterling K. Brown, Lana Parrilla and Mark Strong. Producers include Peyton, Jeff Fierson, Joby Harold, Tory Tunnell and Benny Medina.

Whether you're a J.Lo stan or you're simply fascinated by all things AI (totally me), you'll definitely want to add this title to your streaming queue.

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