1-Year-Old Archie Seriously Looks Just Like Prince Harry in New Birthday Video

If there’s one thing we learned this morning, it’s that those Windsor genes are strong. Seriously, baby Archie is starting to look just like his dad, Prince Harry.

ICYMI: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex surprised us all and shared a new video of their son in honor of his first birthday. The clip (shot by Harry himself) was taken for Save the Children U.K.'s #SaveWithStories campaign and features the duchess reading the children's book Duck! Rabbit! to her one-year-old as he sits on her lap.

And while it was impossible to miss Archie’s bottom teeth and impressive page-turning skills, it was his resemblance to his father that really caught our attention. And no, we’re not just talking about the light reddish hair. The toddler also seems to have acquired Harry’s smile and rotund cheeks. Not to mention, similarities in the shapes of their eyes and noses are unmistakable.

Need proof? Here’s a photograph of a young Prince Harry.

baby prince harry
Tim Graham Photo Library/ Getty Images

It’s important to note that Archie seems to have inherited his mother’s dark brown eyes. However, since he’s still young, the color isn’t yet permanent, is a possibility he could end up with those deep pools of blue.

Like father, like son.