Baby Archie Just Made a Surprise Cameo in Prince Harry’s Mental Health Documentary

Just when we thought we weren’t going to get any more surprise cameos in Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey’s mental health documentary, The Me You Can't See, the Duke of Sussex gave us rare footage of his 2-year-old son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor.

The docuseries, which was released on May 21, promotes mental health and focuses “on both mental illness and mental wellness, inspiring viewers to have an honest conversation about the challenges each of us faces, and how to equip ourselves with the tools to not simply survive, but to thrive.”

And while we were originally excited about the Meghan Markle cameo featured in the trailer for the show, we had no idea we would also be blessed with an appearance from baby Archie as well. In a very brief moment of the doc, the toddler was spotted smiling and swinging from a tree branch with his father by his side.

Although it was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it clip, viewers and followers immediately pointed out Archie’s similarities to his parents, especially his mom. In fact, one royal fan (@troubleshade) posted two rare side-by-side photos on Twitter (see below). Not only is Archie sporting the same hairstyle as his mom, but he also has the same deep-set eyes and smile.

While this may be the only shot of Archie in the doc, Harry has been candid about his son and being a father in the series. In fact, during a personal conversation with Winfrey to promote their project, the Duke of Sussex revealed that one of the 2-year-old’s first phrases was in honor of his grandmother, Princess Diana. Turns out, Archie calls his grandmother, “Grandma Diana.”

More Archie footage, please.

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