Everything You Need to Know About Amy Schumer’s Brand-New Hubby, Chris Fischer

ICYMI: Amy Schumer is officially a married lady.

Today, our comedy hero announced that she and her boyfriend of three months, Chris Fischer, tied the knot in a private Malibu, California, ceremony. Naturally, we want to know everything about the man who captured Schumer’s hilarious heart, so we did some digging. Here, five facts about Fischer that piqued our interest.

1. He’s a chef
Fischer worked as a sous chef at Mario Batali’s New York City restaurant Babbo and at London’s River Cafe. He also ran the restaurant at The Beach Plum Inn on Martha’s Vineyard, which Michelle and Barack Obama reportedly consider their fave eatery on the island.

2. ...With a mean green thumb
Fischer took over Beetlebung Farm, his family’s farm on Martha’s Vineyard, in 2010. Schumer’s family also owned a farm when she was growing up, so their love of agriculture definitely makse them two peas in a pod. (Sorry.)

3. He’s an award-winning cookbook author (NBD)
Schumer’s new hubby snagged the 2016 James Beard Award for American Cooking for The Beetlebung Farm Cookbook. His debut cookbook offers delicious New England recipes and regales readers with stories about butchering his own meat and hauling lobster pots. (Which means he’s probably making surf and turf for Schumer on the reg. So jealous.)

4. His motto is “family first”
Fischer knows blood is thicker than water, whether it’s running the family farm or, as he told the James Beard Foundation in an interview, sitting down to lunch with “four generations of family.” In fact, family may be the reason he and Schumer got together in the first place. His sister reportedly works as Schumer’s personal assistant and introduced the couple.

5. He understands the allure of a robust red
When he’s not wooing Schumer or cooking for the Obamas, Fischer is a part-time wine instructor at Boston University’s Metropolitan College. Swoon. A man after our own heart.