Amy Schumer Recreated Ally's 'A Star Is Born' Billboard and It's Everything

If you happen to find yourself driving down Sunset Boulevard, you might notice a new billboard. One, in fact, that looks oddly familiar—especially if you consider yourself an A Star Is Born fan. 

The new piece of marketing features Amy Schumer (rather than Lady Gaga's Ally) in a memorable display inspired by the Oscar-nominated film. If you recall, the movie version shows Gaga’s character against a neon-colored background with bold type of her name across the front (the same billboard showed up IRL as part of the film’s Oscar campaign on the same street as Schumer's). 

This new version, featuring the 37-year-old comedian, has the same exact color scheme and “AMY” printed below her face. Besides being extremely clever, the billboard has a real purpose: to promote her new comedy special Amy Schumer Growing, coming to Netflix March 19. 

It was just last week when the expectant mother made the announcement about her show in a short Instagram video. “I’ve been working really hard. It’s not all relaxing and eating doughnuts,” she said. Schumer revealed that the special was filmed a few months back in front of a full house in Chicago. “ I think it's the best special I’ve ever done.”

Netflix also tweeted a photo of the billboard, writing, “There could be 100 billboards on Sunset Boulevard and 99 don't promote @amyschumer's new stand-up special — but one does.”

Now that’s how you promote a special.