Move Over, ‘Sharp Objects’: Amy Adams Is Headed Back to HBO with ‘The Poisonwood Bible’

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She had our skin crawling with goosebumps during every episode of Sharp Objects (with the help of Golden Globe winner Patricia Clarkson), and now Amy Adams is hoping for a repeat.

Sorry, we don't mean a Sharp Objects sequel (which is potentially in the works as well...yessss!). Adams has just signed onto another chilling novel-to-HBO adaptation for The Poisonwood Bible, Variety reports.

The historical fiction novel by Barbara Kingsolver centers on the Price family, a group of Southern Baptist evangelists who move to the Belgian Congo in 1959 to convert a village to Jesus believers during massive political upheaval in the region. Except—surprise, surprise—everything goes so horribly wrong. (And bets that Adams plays the family matriarch Orleanna Price are certainly on.)

Adams, who is a six-time Oscar nominee, and her manager Stacy O'Neil will executive produce the limited series. 

Call up book club: We have a new suggestion for your next read.

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