Christian Bale & Amy Adams Are Making History at the Oscars This Year. Here's Why.

The secret to Academy Awards success: Choose your co-stars wisely. At least that's what Amy Adams and Christian Bale seem to do, based on the fact that 2019 marks the third time the pair has starred in a film together and both received Oscar nods. (It's also the first time in Oscars history that this has ever happened.)

Yep, the first time they got the accolade was when they starred side by side in The Fighter all the way back in 2010. (Bale actually won in this case, taking home the award for Best Supporting Actor that night.)

Fast-forward to 2013 and it was American Hustle that got them Oscar attention. (We remember that film's 1970s fashion the most.)

Now, this year they're both getting high praise—and nominations—for their work in Vice, a film about former vice president Dick Cheney and his path to the White House. (Bale plays Cheney; Adams plays Cheney's wife Lynne.)

The lesson: If you're Amy Adams and Christian Bale, you might as well write a "must work together" clause into any script negotiations. 

Safe to call them an Oscars triple threat of sorts? We'd say so. 

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