Amazon's Plant Shop Is Officially Open and OMG, We Want All of Them

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So far, 2018 has been the year of self-care. We’ve smeared on face masks, dabbled in crystals and have been plotting our indoor succulent garden with careful consideration. But if the act of trekking to your local home-improvement store has been delaying your greenery game, boy, do we have good news for you.

Amazon’s Plant Store has officially opened. From succulents to Bonsai trees, this online mecca offers every variety of shrub, bush or tree that you could ever dream up. But here’s the real kicker: They’re all offered through Amazon Prime, so you can get them with two-day free shipping straight to your door. So get ready to flex that green thumb. Here are our ten favorite picks from Amazon’s brand-new Plant Shop.

bonsai tree amazon

Ficus Bonsai

Specifically grown with indoor living in mind.

Brussel’s Bonsai ($34)

amazon succulent set of 10

Assorted Succulents

Order mini pots for these now to instantly complete your green wonderland.

Shop Succulents ($16)

succulent in gold pot

Haworthia Succulent

Or order one giant one, pot included, to make it a single statement.

Costa Farms ($24)

fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle-leaf Fig

Pop this into the corner of your living room to give the entire space a lift.

Costa Farms ($30)

burgundy rubber plant

Burgundy Rubber Plant

Or if a moody burgundy is more your speed, this guy’s the perfect hue.

Costa Farms ($35)

pleace lily plant in planter amazon

Peace Lily Plant

Not only is the name alone a total mood booster, but this plant is also known for improving the quality of the surrounding air—win-win.

Kurt Weiss Greenhouses ($28)

amazon basil plant

Basil Plant

Pop this in your kitchen window and give every weeknight dinner a good dose of fresh flavor.

Bonnie Plants ($12)

money tree plant

Money Tree Plant

This particular plant is popular with feng shui practitioners, who believe it to bring positive energy and financial luck. (So, uh, we’ll take three?)

Just Add Ice ($30)

aloe vera amazon

Aloe Vera Plant

Yes, this is will look pretty in your home. But the medicinal and beauty benefits of fresh aloe are why we’re adding it to our carts as we speak.

Shop Succulents ($15)

rose quartz air plant

Air Plant

Succulents and rose quartz? We call this the self-care double whammy.

Shop Succulents ($42)

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