‘Clueless’ Star Alicia Silverstone Took Items from Cher’s Wardrobe (Duh)

Alicia Silverstone is sharing never-before-heard secrets about Clueless, including what happened to Cher’s glamorous wardrobe after production ended.

The 46-year-old actress recently sat down for an exclusive interview with PureWow to promote her new Rakuten Super Bowl commercial, where she reprised the iconic role. While discussing the ’90s movie, Silverstone revealed that she was so smitten by Cher’s fashion that she took home several outfits after filming had wrapped.

“I remember when the movie happened, I took a bunch of stuff at the end because I got quite used to wearing it for two months, and it was all so beautiful,” she told PureWow.

alicia silverstone cher wardrobe clueless

Silverstone explained that the bold prints and statement pieces worked for Cher’s fashionable personality. However, the pieces didn’t fit Silverstone’s easy-going lifestyle. “When I tried to wear the things in real life, none of it made any sense,” she said. “So, I gave it all away. Kind of stupidly.”

It didn’t stop there. When she reprised her role in the commercial (see below), Silverstone wore a pair of Stella McCartney shoes during the Jeep scene. They have now become a staple in her closet.

“I’m wearing Stella McCartney shoes in the commercial. You barely see them because [it’s when] I’m in the Jeep. But they’re these big platform loafers with huge gold and silver chunky jewels on top, and I took those home,” Silverstone added. “I’ve worn them, they’re really fabulous.”

In the wise words of Cher, “You try driving in platforms.”

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