Alicia Silverstone Channels Cher in New ‘Clueless’ Super Bowl Ad

alicia silverstone clueless commercial rakuten

Clueless fans better prepare to take a walk down memory lane, because Alicia Silverstone is reprising her iconic role of Cher Horowitz.

The 46-year-old actress recently partnered with Rakuten to create a commercial for the 2023 Super Bowl that honors the classic ’90s movie. As if!

The extended ad (see above) features Silverstone channeling her inner Cher as she recreates several iconic moments from the film, including the debate scene, the revolving wardrobe and the window browsing. There are also several fun cameos, including Elisa Donovan (who plays Amber) and Christian Siriano.

Of course, Silverstone also explains that she was “pretty clueless” about shopping—that is, until she realized that Rakuten offers cash back for purchases.

While discussing the commercial exclusively with PureWow, Silverstone admitted that she was a little hesitant at first. “When they asked me, I thought, ‘This sounds really creative and fun and scary and exciting,’” she told PureWow. “And all those things.”

However, she couldn’t deny that Rakuten was the perfect partner for Cher. “I think many would agree that Cher is one of film history’s most iconic shoppers,” Silverstone added. “So, when they approached me, I thought it was such a smart idea. Because what could be more perfect? Getting cash back for doing her favorite activity? No brainer.”

alicia silverstone clueless commercial rakuten super bowl

Silverstone confirmed that the wardrobe team did a fantastic job of recreating Cher’s outfits in the commercial. “We [wanted to] get it as close to exactly as it was but still have it feel fresh and modern,” she said. “I think the team did a really great job of honoring that—trying to copy it but with a fresh, nice update.”

She continued, “It’s still resonating 25 years later. People are still talking about the wardrobe—and you know, Halloween is full of Cher and Dionne costumes.” Trust us, we know.

Be sure to tune into Fox on February 12 to see Rakuten’s Clueless-inspired commercial during the 2023 Super Bowl.


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